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Os Noctambulos - Outsider (Pre-Order)


Tracklisting :
A. Outsider
B. Watching You
limited to 350 copies.

You loved the moody sound of Os Noctambulos debut LP and you wanted more? Well you’re lucky because it's what the band has to offer here are two ripping punk numbers. That’s right, until now the band only showed us their brooding facet, but their raw primitive side made it to the surface the time it took to make this 7'. Fear not, though, you can still count on the awesome surf guitar, the hypnotic organ riffs and top notch song writing, but ‘Outsider’ and ‘Watching You’ are both furious, fast-paced and rocking. They were cut live in one afternoon at Swampland, Toulouse with Lo Spider producing in his infamous analogue studio. Both are exclusive to this release and won't feature on the bands second album, to be released later this year. Limited to 350 copies worldwide.

For fans of :
The Seeds, Back from The Grave, Nuggets, The Young Sinclairs, The Higher State, The Mystreated, The Ar-Kaics

File under : Garage Rock, Psychedelic

Discography :
[LP] Os Noctambulos - Corsica Garden (Evil Hoodoo - UK, 2014)
[Comp] Various - Vegetarian Meat (Stolen Body - UK, 2014)
[EP] Os Noctambulos / Plantains - Split (Stolen Body - UK, 2014)

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Release : May 25th